Collection: Heirloom Corn

At Molino Campo Noble, we source 100% organic Heirloom Corn directly from small batch farmers in Mexico.

This ensures that each masa creation carries the legacy of generations, embodying genuine flavors and a commitment to sustainability in Japan.

Ethically sourced from Mexican farmers, carrying generations of knowledge. Diverse and vibrant, each variant adds unique flavors and colors to your corn creations.

With new variants every six months, your culinary journey stays fresh, exploring Mexico's corn diversity year-round.

At Molino Campo Noble we aim to connect cultures, allowing cooking enthusiasts, chefs, and kitchen professionals to craft innovative dishes that respect tradition.

About Shipping

We ship to all of Japan. Shipping time can take from 2-3 business days. Please note that this is just an estimate. You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped. 

For all whole sale inquiries please contact our Molino Campo Noble team using Please note: Our team fulfills orders Monday-Wednesday, 9am-5pm JST (Shipment arrivals can be expected on that Sunday. Please note that the arrival date depends on the location in Japan.) 

Our corn varieties change every 6 months and or depending on the farmers crop.