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Exceptional food is our way of life. We are dedicated to producing the freshest and most authentic corn tortillas in Japan.

What is Nixtamal?

Nixtamal is the process of cooking and soaking dried corn kernels in water and calcium hydroxide used for millennia by Mesoamerican cultures to improve corn nutrients and to produce tortillas.
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We make authentic corn tortillas and stone-ground masa using the traditional nixtamalization process.
Our tortillas have a texture, aroma, and flavor just like the ones handmade in Mexico.
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The story of Molino Campo Noble starts with the pursuit of spreading the tortilla culture in Japan, as well to pay homage to farmers, by ethically sourcing native heirloom species of corn from Mexico.

Masa Collection

Unleash your culinary creativity with our masa collection, perfect for crafting innovative dishes, from tortillas to tamales to a new masa based dish.

Hola from the Molino Campo Noble Team!

Welcome to Molino Campo Noble, where every tortilla is a revelation and every bite is an experience!

As advocates for authentic flavors, we're thrilled to welcome tortilla enthusiasts and restaurant professionals to experience Japan's 1st 100% corn tortillería.

With a meticulous blend of time-honored techniques and heirloom corn, our tortillas resonate with stories of tradition and passion.

Join us in our mission to spread the Tortilla Gospel across Japan. Unite with us to honor traditions, savor culture, and explore the endless possibilities of genuine flavors.

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About Corn Producers

From Mexico to Japan the story of our producers.

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We are committed to delivering tasty, healthy, and nutritious tortillas for you!