An insight towards the future

In the heart of our journey lies a vision for the future. Presently, we journey through Mexican fields, handpicking corn from local farmers. Yet, we dream of a time when our success circles back, nurturing the very cornfields that have sustained us.

With Japan's self-sufficiency facing challenges, our gaze turns to a novel path. We contemplate crafting tortillas, a bridge between cultures, with homegrown Japanese corn. This endeavor envisions a partnership with local Japanese farmers, united by a shared passion.

Our compass points towards a dual purpose: to foster agriculture, not only in Mexico but also in Japan. As we tread onward, our steps are guided by the belief that in sowing seeds of sustainability, we reap a harvest of shared prosperity.


The Meaning Behind Our Company Brand: Molino Campo Noble

In Spanish, "Molino" translates to grinder, mill, or the place where grains are milled. "Campo" signifies countryside or field, while "Noble" denotes something possessing exceptional qualities or properties. These three words distinctly define who we are: a tortillería that treasures high quality, tradition, and natural ingredients.

Logo Meaning:

◼️ Colors: The vibrant lines symbolize the diversity of local communities cultivating various corn varieties, each with its unique color—yellow, blue, red, white, and more. They also embody the rich diversity of our partners, customers, and team members, all hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds closely linked to our company.

◼️ Shape: Our logo's shape represents our "origin," resembling a corn cob, which serves as the raw material for our tortillas and products.

◼️ Lattice Lines: These lines mirror the cornfields and bear a resemblance to the Japanese kanji for "rice field." By incorporating them into our logo, we aim to convey our aspiration to serve as a bridge between Mexican and Japanese food cultures.


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    Discover the exceptional flavors of our nixtamal collection, meticulously crafted from locally sourced heirloom dried corn.

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  • Heirloom Masa

    Unleash your culinary creativity with our masa collection, perfect for crafting innovative dishes, from tortillas to tamales to a new masa based dish.

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