How to Order 

At Molino Campo Noble we are proud to share the tortilla gospel with our restaurant professionals, tortillerias, and tortilla connoisseurs in Japan. As a general rule for wholesale amounts of dry corn we require a minimum order of 25kg per variant of corn and carry 1kg sample bags. 
Whole Sale Tortillas
Packets of 12 pieces, 15 pieces, 20 pieces, and 40 pieces are available in both 12cm, and 8cm.
Please note that it is shipped frozen.
Whole Sale Masa
Minimum order of 15kg. 
Please note that it is shipped frozen.
About Shipping
We ship to all of Japan. Shipping time can take from 2-3 business days. Please note that this is just an estimate. You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped. 

For all whole sale inquiries please contact our Molino Campo Noble team using molinocamponoble@gmail.com. Please note: Our team fulfills orders Monday-Wednesday, 9am-5pm JST (Shipment arrivals can be expected on that Sunday. Please note that the arrival date depends on the location in Japan.) 
Our corn varieties change every 6 months and or depending on the farmers crop. 

MCN`s Maiz Fall/ Winter 2023

 WHITE CORN  Earthy creamy flavors, airy texture.
YELLOW CORN Sweet and butter nut flavors.
PINK CORN Lightly sweet & pleasant nutty aromas.
RED CORN Beautiful terracotta masa & earthy flavor
PURPLE CORN Brown butter, beautiful mauve masa. 
BLUE CORN Earthy mushroom flavors and brown color



Does Molino Campo Noble offer consulting services? 

Yes! Molino Campo Noble has close relations with chefs, professional cooks, and restaurants, so we can connect you with our network in Japan!

How do I get started Nixtamalizing corn? 

As the pioneers of maiz in Japan Molino Campo Noble offers Masa Masterclasses for professionals and non professionals with their collaborating partner Nippon Viajero. In these masterclasses we guide you into the world of nixtamalization.  Send us an email to molinocamponoble@gmail.com and inquire on our next upcoming class! 

How do I store Molino Campo Noble corn? 

Japan is has four seasons and is generally humid so keeping your dry corn is priority. We recommend to have a temperature controlled, dark, dry, designated storage space with the use of ultra hermetic storage containers to ensure a prolonged high quality shelf life. Our corn is 100% organic and so nature can take its natural course but not to worry as we will guide you during the initial point of contact. 

 What basic tools do I need to get started ? 

  • A stone mill for wet milling to grind your nixtamalized corn in house. We recommend if you are selling tortillas in bulk to invest on an electric grinder
  • Standup mixer to mix the masa evenly, this can be done by hand as well.
  • Tortilla press
  •  Comal or griddle although a flat non stick pan works fine.
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