About Corn Producers

Delicious tortillas begin with small corn farmers in Mexico. They reside on the land and have cultivated native corn varieties for generations. The corn comes in various colorful shapes, and no two are ever the same in color or shape.

Currently, genetically modified corn is being produced in large quantities and is available on the market at low prices. In this situation, their carefully cultivated native corn struggles to compete and is sold at a lower price, causing some farmers to abandon the cultivation of their native corn.

To this end, we aspire to continue purchasing their corn at a fair price and support them by giving back a portion of our profits.

In the perspective of economic models, they are not considered wealthy, especially when taking into account the statistics that indicate that more than half of Mexican farmers are living in poverty.

But what, exactly, constitutes wealth?

We experienced this when we visited their farms.
Vast corn fields stretching as far as the eye can see, a deep sense of pride in one's work, traditions that must be preserved, daily preparation of delicious meals, and a serene and peaceful way of life. This is the richness we envision.

Our goal is to bring this richness to Japan. We hope to connect Mexican farmers with Japanese dinner tables, allowing everyone to enjoy a more prosperous life.

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