Our Story

Welcome to the heartwarming narrative that underpins Molino Campo Noble. Our story commences in the year 2019 when we embarked on a remarkable journey to bring a slice of Mexico to the world, one tortilla at a time.

It all started in one night in a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo. As “taco lovers”, we couldn't help but notice that the tacos we were eating were unlike any we had tasted in Mexico. The question arose: What made them so distinct?

The answer lay in the humble corn. That night the Tacos lacked from the signature taste, fragrance, and texture of corn, primarily because they were crafted using masa flour tortillas instead of the ones made by corn. In Mexico, we lovingly refer to ourselves as "hijos del maíz" or children of the corn, underscoring our deep-rooted connection to this staple.

Fueled by this curiosity, we embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the intricate history of corn, agriculture, culinary traditions, and cultural richness across Mexico and Latin America. This fascinating journey unveiled the ancient art of tortilla-making, a tradition dating back over 4,000 years and praised for its exceptional nutritional value through a process known as nixtamalization. Through this voyage into the world of corn, we discovered a deeper understanding of Mexican corn history than any of those years of living there had ever revealed.

It was then that we became aware of the issues surrounding modern corn. Currently, corn is produced in vast quantities worldwide, with many genetically modified varieties available, resistant to pests and suitable for mass production. However, this has led to a troubling spiral of poverty among farmers who have been cultivating native corn species. Native varieties struggle to compete with mass-produced genetically modified corn, forcing farmers to make the switch. To compete in the market, they sell their native varieties at low prices, putting over 60 native species at risk of extinction in Mexico.

It was against this backdrop of history and our growing concern for the indigenous farming communities, that the idea for Molino Campo Noble took shape. Could we, in Japan, create tortillas using 100% Mexican native and heirloom corn, sourced directly from local farmers? Our vision was not only to support these farmers but also to introduce Japan to the true essence of Mexican culture.

With this mission in mind, we embarked on the journey to establish the very first tortilleria that produces 100% heirloom corn tortillas in Japan. Our early attempts, using a hand press and manual grinder, yielded uneven and imperfect tortillas. However, the moment we took a bite, we were transported back to our beloved Mexico. The scorching Mexican sun, the laughter of family gatherings, the lively plazas in the early afternoon, and the captivating sound of mariachi songs—all of it came rushing back. Our Mexico had found its home in Japan.

To our Mexican friends in Japan, who are far away from Mexico, we invite you to join us on this heartwarming journey. Our Mexico is right here, folded into each tortilla, waiting for you to savor. After all, we've always been "hijos del maíz".

And to everyone who hold a special place in their hearts for Mexico, we want you to taste the narrative of our story, our history, and our culture, all wrapped up in one tortilla. Upon that first delectable bite, a wave of nostalgia will wash over you, and in that moment, you too will become "hijos del maíz".

Molino Campo Noble

Our journey begins with a single tortilla.

“Anytime, anywhere, somos hijos del maíz!

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