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White Masa

White Masa

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Experience the exquisite quality of finely ground nixtamalized corn masa. The ideal choice for crafting authentic tortillas.  Try and elevate your culinary creations with tamales, tostadas, tlacoyos guaraches, and more. Our meticulously sourced heirloom corn, cultivated in Mexico, undergoes traditional cooking, small-batch grinding, and packaging. Embrace the purity of non-GMO ingredients and the assurance of gluten-free goodness.

We ship the masa in packages of 500 grams, the minimum order is 1kg of one variety. 

Please note: The typical size of a tortilla ranges from 22 to 24 grams, you can produce approximately 40 to 45 tortillas from a 1-kilogram batch of masa dough.

Flavor Profile
Earthy creamy
Gluten Free
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Ethically Sourced 
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Heirloom Corn


*Lime (Calcium hydroxide) is not to be confused with the citrus fruit. It is a natural mineral used in the process of Nixtamalization.] Ingredients: Corn, Water, and, Lime.

We ship to all of Japan. Shipping time can take from 2-3 business days. Please note that this is just an estimate. You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped. 

For all wholesale inquiries please contact our Molino Campo Noble team using Please note: Our team fulfills orders Monday-Wednesday, 9am-5pm JST (Shipment arrivals can be expected on that Sunday. Please note that the arrival date depends on the location in Japan.) 

Our corn varieties change every 6 months and or depending on the farmer's crop. 


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